How to maintain knives and how long is the maintenance period?

How to maintain knives?


The purpose of oiling the knife is to prevent rust and block the oxidation reaction of the tool. You can choose anti-rust oil for knife oil. I recommend you to use WD-401. If you don’t have anti-rust oil, you can use rapeseed oil instead.

When oiling, pay attention to the amount of oil added. If too much oil is applied, it will not be very beautiful and will cause waste. Of course, you should not apply too little oil, because too little oil will not achieve the anti-rust effect.
First pick up the cotton cloth, pour a little knife oil on it, no need to fully soak it, the cotton cloth is slightly wet and then wrap the knife and wipe it back and forth.

If there is a blade on the surface of the knife, please use a cotton swab to wipe the blade. If you do not wipe the blade, oil will accumulate inside and form oil stains.

Storage method

Knives are suitable to be stored in a ventilated, dry place with room temperature and out of direct sunlight. It would be better if there is a professional temperature-controlled and dehumidified storage cabinet.

③Maintenance cycle

If it is daily maintenance, the newly purchased knife should be maintained every three days, preferably no more than seven days.