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  1. Design of the Knife: The design of the knife is inspired by the blazing light of the Holy Fire. The handle of the knife is dotted with flame-like patterns, while the blade looks like a figure of fire dancing in the darkness. Every inch of the knife is filled with divine brilliance.
  2. Meaning of the Holy Fire: The Holy Fire is a symbol of hope, purification and strength. It is the eternal light of life, conveying divine energy. This blessing is integrated into every inch of the knife, bringing an infusion of hope and strength to the user.
  3. Every use: When the knife is waved in the hand, it seems to stir up the blazing sun of the sacred fire. Every cut is a tribute to the ingredients. Every use is a spiritual transcendence.
  • Product Description:
  1. Upgrade your kitchen with the HOLY FIRE range of professional knives. This HOLY FIRE series of knives will replace all those dull, mismatched knives in your drawer with sharp precision. The stainless steel blade is engineered for maximum sharpness.
  2. All of these kitchen knives are handcrafted and feature a 15-degree blade that allows for easy cutting and slicing of food. The mirror polished surface will gleam for years to come. The beautiful unique resin handle covers the entire keeled metal body and shines with the high contrast burgundy resin handle.
  3. Each stainless steel blade is etched with an elegant wave-like pattern on its surface, recreating the beautiful look of Damascus steel at a more affordable price. Plus, the etched pattern prevents food from sticking to the blade, so you can chop, slice, and prepare faster. Hold the ergonomically balanced handle to feel confident in the kitchen.
    • Knives included in the 10 Piece Set are:
    1. 8 inch Chef knife
    2. 8 inch Bread knife
    3. 8 inch Slicing knife
    4. 8 inch Kiritsuke knife
    5. 7 inch Nakiri knife
    6. 7 inch Santoku knife
    7. 6 inch Boning knife
    8. 5 inch Santoku knife
    9. 5 inch Utility Knife
    10. 3.5 inch Paring knife


    1. Heat-treated high carbon steel - a step above cheaper stainless steel composites; you'll notice the difference from the first cut.
    2. Ruthless Sharp - Guaranteed to be the sharpest knife you've ever owned.
    3. Unique Ergonomic Handle Design - Comfortable, non-slip Pakka wood handle that looks and feels great.
    4. ELEGANT LOOK - Each knife is etched with a beautiful Damascus pattern; they will look great in your kitchen.
    5. More than 50,000 home cooks in more than 60 countries around the world have switched to Special Master knives.
    6. Direct Wholesale Pricing - Save up to 70% over local retailers by cutting out the middleman.
    • Kitchen knife maintenance tips
    1. Please use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the knife and do not use abrasive materials such as steel balls to clean the surface of the knife to maintain the gloss of the knife and extend its service life.
    2. Do not use the dishwasher, hand washing is recommended.
    3. After washing the knife by hand, wipe off excess moisture with a towel and place it in a ventilated place.


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