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  1. In the world of "Blade", there is a mysterious element that quietly fits the concept of blind box. This is a story about a knife, a wonderful adventure hidden in a blind box. Let us uncover the mystery of Blade and explore the deeper meaning behind the story of Blade and the surprises of the blind box.
  2. The mystery of the knife and the sense of expectation in the blind box: The edge of the knife is like the mysterious prize in the blind box, making people full of expectations. The appearance of the knife may hide endless stories, just like the surprise at the moment of opening the blind box. This sense of mystery and anticipation creates a bridge between the knife and the blind box.
  3. The story connotation of the knife and the diversity of the blind box: Each knife has its own story, just like the various toys in the blind box. The story of this knife is as colorful and unique as the elements in the blind box. This diversity gives deep meaning to the connection between the knife and the blind box.
  4. Knife Challenge vs Blind Box Adventure: Using a new knife can be a challenge, just like opening a blind box is an adventure full of unknowns. The challenge of the knife echoes the adventurous spirit of the blind box, both requiring courage to face new possibilities and discover the fun and surprises in them.
  5. Collectible Value of Knives vs. Rarity in Blind Boxes: Certain knives may become valuable collectibles due to their uniqueness, similar to rarity in blind boxes. The collectible value of the knife and the rarity of the blind box create a unique attraction, making people willing to chase and cherish these unique existences.
  • Product Description:

The knife with the highest playback volume on our TikTok account

Unlock the Mystery of Cutting Precision with Our Exclusive Knife Subscription Box! Discover the Ultimate Blade Experience that's Taking the Internet by Storm on TikTok!"

  1. Heat-treated high carbon steel - a step above cheaper stainless steel composites; you'll notice the difference from the first cut.
  2. Ruthless Sharp - Guaranteed to be the sharpest knife you've ever owned.
  3. Unique Ergonomic Handle Design - Comfortable, non-slip Pakka wood handle that looks and feels great.
  4. ELEGANT LOOK - Each knife is etched with a beautiful Damascus pattern; they will look great in your kitchen.
  5. More than 50,000 home cooks in more than 60 countries around the world have switched to Special Master knives.
  6. Direct Wholesale Pricing - Save up to 70% over local retailers by cutting out the middleman.
  • Kitchen knife maintenance tips
  1. Please use a soft cleaning cloth to clean the knife and do not use abrasive materials such as steel balls to clean the surface of the knife to maintain the gloss of the knife and extend its service life.
  2. Do not use the dishwasher, hand washing is recommended.
  3. After washing the knife by hand, wipe off excess moisture with a towel and place it in a ventilated place.
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