5 ways to tell you how to protect  TEZHU knives

5 ways to tell you how to protect TEZHU knives

Five ways to protect your knives with amazing results

1. When we use knives, from the perspective of health and hygiene, we should avoid the situation of multi-purpose knives. Example: Separate knives for raw and cooked food.

2. When we use it to chop hard objects such as bones, don't shake it from side to side, as it is easy to make a gap in the knife. Thus affecting the use of the knife.

3. When using knives, you must concentrate and not be half-hearted, so as to better avoid danger. Safety first.

4. Sharpen your knife frequently. A sharp knife is safer than a dull one. When cutting food with a sharp knife, it saves effort, is more precise, not easy to slip, and the hand is not easy to fatigue.

5. Make the knife fully visible. When placing the knife, please keep the handle facing you and make sure that the knife cannot accidentally fall when you put it away. Don't let the rag cover the knife, otherwise accidents will easily occur. When passing the knife to someone, be careful not to point the knife at the other party.


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