Imperial Blade Forbidden City-Forbidden City Series

Imperial Blade Forbidden City-Forbidden City Series

In the long history, every knife is a palace legend. This legend seems to come from the deep historical corridor of the Forbidden City.
  • Forging of the Knife: The master blacksmith received a mysterious inheritance, derived from the ancient traditions of the Forbidden City. This palace power is integrated into the forging process of each knife, making the knife not only a tool, but also the carrier of palace culture.

  • Design of the Knife: The design of the knife draws on the architectural beauty of the Forbidden City. The handle of the knife is engraved with palace decorations, while the blade seems to be an extension of the palace wall, flowing with the glory of history. Every inch of the knife is a reflection of the palace culture.

  • The meaning of the Forbidden City: The Forbidden City is a symbol of Chinese civilization and the crystallization of royal power and culture. It represents nobility, mystery and profound history. This royal atmosphere is integrated into every inch of the knife, bringing a sense of nobility and history to the user.

  • Every time you use it: When the knife dances in your hand, it seems to carry the mystery of the Forbidden City. Every cut is a royal tribute to delicious food. Every use is a dialogue with history.

  • The inheritance of palace culture: This knife is not only a handicraft, but also a cultural inheritance. Every user becomes the inheritor of this palace spirit, passing on the noble history to the next generation.

 Meaning: The Forbidden City on our knives is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of culture. It makes our knives not only knives, but also a palace legend, connecting the user with the glory of Chinese civilization.

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